omit(state, keys)

The Redoodle omit utility is useful when writing Reducers, and will return a (shallow) copy of an object with some specified set of keys removed. This is quite similar to Lodash.omit, except that it doesn't handle deeply nested updates like foo.items[4].phase.

If the input state to omit is unmodified by the operation (that is, it had none of the requested keys to omit), the same state reference itself is returned by omit() to support reference equality between state updates.


import { omit, setWith } from "redoodle";

reducer.withHandler(RemoveThing.TYPE, (state, payload) => {
  return setWith(state, {
    thingStates: omit(state.thingStates, [])

TypeScript definition

function omit<S extends {[key: string]: any}>(state: S, keys: (keyof S)[]): S;

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