Typed Actions

When using Redux, programmers create Actions, which are plain JavaScript objects with a type (string) and associated data (usually a "payload"). For example, the following raw data is a Redux action:

  type: "AddMessage",
  payload: {
    message: "Hello Redoodle",
    author: "crazytoucan"

All actions of a given type have well-defined matching payload shapes, and we want our editor to tell us what's in the payload when we see an action of type "AddMessage". Using Redoodle TypedActions, the programmer can create a Definition to marry the unique action string "AddMessage" to the accompanying payload data { message: string, author: string }.

Redoodle TypedActions are FSA-compliant.

There are two steps to integrating TypedActions into your Redux-enabled application:

  1. Create and use Definitions for your actions
  2. Reduce Actions using TypedReducers

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