Contributing to TSLint

To develop TSLint, clone the repository and install its dependencies:

git clone --config core.autocrlf=input --config core.eol=lf
yarn compile
yarn test

Running a specific test

You can test a specific test by using the --test command line parameter followed by your test directory. For example:

// global tslint
// point to a dir that has tslint.json and .lint files
tslint --test test/rules/semicolon/always

// locally built tslint
./bin/tslint --test test/rules/semicolon/always

Debugging in Visual Studio Code

Configuration files to work with Visual Studio Code are included when you check out the source code. These files live in the .vscode directory. To run TSLint in the debugger, switch to Debug view and use the dropdown at the top of the Debug pane to select the launch configuration (specified in .vscode/launch.json). Press F5 to debug. You should be able to set breakpoints and debug as usual.

The current debug configurations are:

  • Debug CLI: Used to debug TSLint using command line arguments. Modify the args array in .vscode/launch.json to add arguments.
  • Debug Mocha Tests: Runs non-rule tests
  • Debug Rule Tests: Runs rule tests (under test/rules)
  • Debug Document Generation: Debug the scripts/buildDocs.ts script.