Rule: quotemark

Enforces quote character for string literals.

Has Fixer


Five arguments may be optionally provided:

  • "single" enforces single quotes.
  • "double" enforces double quotes.
  • "backtick" enforces backticks.
  • "jsx-single" enforces single quotes for JSX attributes.
  • "jsx-double" enforces double quotes for JSX attributes.
  • "avoid-template" forbids single-line untagged template strings that do not contain string interpolations. Note that backticks may still be used if "avoid-escape" is enabled and both single and double quotes are present in the string (the latter option takes precedence).
  • "avoid-escape" allows you to use the “other” quotemark in cases where escaping would normally be required. For example, [true, "double", "avoid-escape"] would not report a failure on the string literal 'Hello "World"'.
Config examples
"quotemark": [true, "single", "avoid-escape", "avoid-template"]
"quotemark": [true, "single", "jsx-double"]
  "type": "array",
  "items": {
    "type": "string",
    "enum": [
  "minLength": 0,
  "maxLength": 5