Rule: no-default-import

Disallows importing default members from certain ES6-style modules.

Import named members instead.


Named imports/exports promote clarity. In addition, current tooling differs on the correct way to handle default imports/exports. Avoiding them all together can help avoid tooling bugs and conflicts.

The rule supposed to narrow the scope of your changes in the case of monorepo. Say, you have packages A, B, C and utils, where A, B, C dependends on utils, which is full of default exports. "no-default-export" requires you to remove default export from utils, which leads to changes in packages A, B, C. It’s harder to get merged bigger changeset by various reasons (harder to get your code approved due to a number of required reviewers; longer build time due to a number of affected packages) and could result in ignored "no-default-export" rule in utils'.

Unlike "no-default-export", the rule requires you to replace default import with named only in A you work on, and utils you import from.



Config examples
"no-default-import": [true, {"fromModules": "^palantir-|^_internal-*|^\\./|^\\.\\./"}]
  "type": "array",
  "items": {
    "type": "object",
    "properties": {
      "fromModules": {
        "type": "string"
    "required": [