TSLint core formatters

Lint formatters allow for transformation of lint results into various forms before outputting to stdout or a file.

Formatters are split into two categories: human-readable and machine-readable. Please note that for machine-readable formatters formatters all positioning is zero-indexed (lines start with zero), whereas human-readable formatters are not (lines start with one).

Built-in formatters

  • checkstyle - Formats errors as though they were Checkstyle output. (machine-readable)

  • codeFrame - Framed formatter which creates a frame of error code. (human-readable)

  • filesList - Lists files containing lint errors. (machine-readable)

  • json - Formats errors as simple JSON. (machine-readable)

  • junit - Formats errors as though they were JUnit output. (machine-readable)

  • msbuild - Formats errors for consumption by msbuild. (machine-readable)

  • pmd - Formats errors as though they were PMD output. (machine-readable)

  • prose - The default formatter which outputs simple human-readable messages. (human-readable)

  • stylish - Human-readable formatter which creates stylish messages. (human-readable)

  • tap - Formats output as TAP stream. (machine-readable)

  • verbose - The human-readable formatter which includes the rule name in messages. (human-readable)

  • vso - Formats output as VSO/TFS logging commands. (machine-readable)