Using The AtlasDB Perf Cli

  1. Follow the steps provided in Running from Source.


The Cassandra container in the above instructions has resource constraints and is not suitable for performance testing without modification. The heap size has been manually decreased in Replace the line MAX_HEAP_SIZE="128M"`with the commented line directly above it and delete the line :code:`HEAP_NEWSIZE="24M" to get more natural behavior.

Running from Command Line

  1. Build the performance cli:

    ./gradlew atlasdb-perf:installDist
  2. Run the performance cli:

    cd atlasdb-perf/build/install/atlasdb-perf/bin
    ./atlasdb-perf --help

Running in an IDE

  1. Generate the configuration files your your IDE (either ./gradlew idea or ./gradlew eclipse).

  2. Run (run with –help option for help). You may need to add environment variables to the run configuration when using the –backend option to allow the program to communicate with a local docker instance.


If you are getting unexpected behavior from your benchmark when running in an IDE, try deleting the generated_src directory and rebuilding. These files are not always automatically cleaned out when they should be.