Open Source Collection of Open Source Software developed at Palantir


TypeScript | MIT License

Plottable is a library for easily creating flexible, interactive and performant charts for the web. It is built on top of D3 and provides higher-level pieces like plots, gridlines and axes. As such, it’s easier to quickly build charts.

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gradle-grunt-plugin Groovy | License

Gradle plugin for running Grunt tasks

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gradle-node-plugin Groovy | Apache License

Gradle plugin for running NodeJS scripts

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gradle-gulp-plugin Groovy | License

Gradle plugin for running Gulp tasks

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gradle-bowerdeps-plugin Groovy | Apache License

A Gradle plugin for controlling build order with bower.json files.

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gulp-bower-overrides JavaScript | MIT License

merge bower overrides into bower.json files

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spark Scala | MIT License

Mirror of Apache Spark

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gulp-count CoffeeScript | MIT License

Counts files in vinyl streams.

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sigma.js JavaScript | License

A JavaScript library dedicated to graph drawing

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svg-typewriter JavaScript | License

A library for manipulating text on SVG.

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stash-codesearch-plugin Java | Apache License

Provides global repository, commit, and file content search for Atlassian Stash instances

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stash-disapproval-plugin Java | Apache License

This is the Disapproval Plugin for Atlassian Stash. It lets you "nack" a pull request so it will not be merged before you are ready.

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grunt-hub Other License

A Grunt task to watch and run tasks on multiple Grunt projects

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sqlite3worker Python | MIT License

A threadsafe sqlite worker for Python

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curator-test-rule Java | Apache License

JUnit TestRule for running tests with ZooKeeperServer and CuratorFrameworks

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plottable TypeScript | MIT License

A library of modular chart components, built on D3

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eclipse-less Java | Apache License

An Eclipse plug-in for compiling LESS files.

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asana_mailer Python | Apache License

A script that uses Asana's RESTful API to generate plaintext and HTML emails.

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eclipse-handlebars JavaScript | Apache License

An Eclipse builder plug-in for precompiling Handlebars templates.

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stashbot Java | Apache License

A plugin for Atlassian Stash to allow easy, self-service continuous integration with Jenkins

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eclipse-tslint Java | Apache License

An Eclipse plug-in for linting TypeScript code.

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grunt-tslint JavaScript | Apache License

A Grunt plugin for tslint.

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tslint TypeScript | Apache License

An extensible linter for the TypeScript language.

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reAddComments JavaScript | Apache License

Re-adds comments to generated files from their CoffeeScript source files via their corresponding Source Maps.

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backbone-typescript-accessor-generator JavaScript | Apache License

Generates Backbone models with typed subclasses for using Backbone.js with TypeScript and its type system.

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eclipse-typescript JavaScript | Apache License

An Eclipse plug-in for developing in the TypeScript language.

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semver CC 3.0 License

Semantic Versioning Specification

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Cinch Java | Apache License

A Java library that manages component action/event bindings for MVC patterns

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Sysmon Java | Apache License

A lightweight platform monitoring tool for Java VMs

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Open Source @ Palantir

At Palantir Technologies, we're big fans of open source. Libraries from Apache, Google, npm, and various projects hosted on make up a significant fraction of the third-party code we use to build our products.

We think it's the right thing to do, to add our voice to the chorus of developers making software available to freely use, modify, and distribute. The projects here are the reusable pieces of our infrastructure that we've had the time to clean-up, document, and release to the world. As time and other interests allow, we'll be making other projects available to the dev community.

Our goal is to make these projects as easy to use and include in your own work as possible. For our Java projects, we've chosen the Apache License, Version 2.0 to make our contributions as free from encumberance as possible - our hope is that many people will find them useful and build on top of them just as we have with our own software. In the Javascript world, we use the MIT License to match the prevailing style of open source licensing in that community.

Need something released under a different license? File an issue on the project and we can likely accomodate the request.

We'd love to hear from you on how we're doing. Aside from the normal outlets to communicate about the projects themselves (see the mailing lists and issue trackers for each project), please feel free to email, as the curator of these projects.

About Palantir

In 2004, when we looked at the available technology, we saw products that were too rigid to handle novel problems, and custom systems that took too long to deploy and required too many services to maintain and improve. We saw automated approaches that failed against adaptive adversaries, and all-or-nothing access controls that forced organizations to make unacceptable trade-offs between collaborating and securing sensitive data from misuse. We saw a need for a different kind of technology, and we knew it would take a different kind of company to build it. That’s why we founded Palantir.

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Working at Palantir means you'll be surrounded by colleagues who are dedicated to meeting their own high standards, to inspiring their teammates and to making a positive impact on the world through their work. If the same things get you excited, we hope you'll browse our open positions to see what might be a good fit with your interests and skill set. We look forward to hearing from you!

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